The history of J.Marie begins with family heritage. With roots in Mexico, this origin provided the inspiration to create a modern line celebrating the classic styles of Central America. 

I have been a buyer for a women’s clothing boutique for nearly 20 years, but my dream has been to design a line of my own. My eye has always been drawn to embroidery – I was surrounded by this style growing up with women in my family wearing colorful, embroidered pieces reflective of their history. The beautiful flora and fauna of the region, combined with a respect for my family’s background, inspired me to create this collection in the first place.

After countless trips to Central America to visit my husband’s family in Mexico City, my desire grew to pursue my passion. I began sketching designs that not only reflect the culture and vibrant colors of the region, but also incorporate my own hints of Southern style woven throughout the collection.

My dream became a reality when J.Marie Collections was launched in fall 2018. Each piece is backed by quality and a classic sense of style. Women looking to add a timeless staple piece to their wardrobe are drawn to J.Marie Collections. This comprehensive line of embroidered tops, dresses and skirts offers stylish options for any occasion.  

Each piece is named after someone who has brought a great amount of joy to my life. My hope is to share the same joy with you through J.Marie.

Love, Jennifer Marie